About Us

Welcome to our site!

As a music lover, I have always enjoyed watching music videos but have battled to find music only platforms online, so I decided to create Melomaniac.live.

This site allows musicians, producers, event planners and fans around the world the opportunity to upload music videos, stream live interviews and enjoy uninterrupted music videos.

Don’t forget to check out our latest edition – Backtrack tool and have some fun creating your own music.

Melomaniac.live welcomes SAMSA on board

South Africa has a large music following and we identified that many musicians just get lost in the system, so we decided to welcome SAMSA (South African Music Support Association) on board.

SAMSA’s membership is growing rapidly and we believe that our partnership will open new doors for their members.

Melomaniac.live offers SAMSA members an easily accessible platform to upload their Videos, Busker code and info.

Don’t forget to share all your uploads and mention Melomaniac.live and SAMSA.

Click on https://melomaniac.live/ to upload your videos.

Click on this link to become a member of SAMSA https://samusicianssupportassociation.co.za/

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